Censorship Reporting Form

If you have had art (including photography, painting, video, text, etc.) removed or restricted by social media platforms, whether this was your art or art that you have wanted to share, please submit it here and share the details. If you have questions, you can contact us at dontdeleteart@gmail.com

When filling out the form please answer the questions as they relate to the specific work that you have submitted. If you want to give us more information put this in “other comments”. If you have had more than one artwork deleted off social media please submit a new form for each work. This will give curators an opportunity to rotate your work however, we will only show one work per artist at any given time.

We apologize if your work cannot be included in our gallery due to space limitations. If your work is not selected for the gallery at this time, please do not let it deter you from submitting work in the future.