Artist: Clarity Haynes

Medium: Painting and drawing

Censored by: Facebook and Instagram

Date of censorship: Too many times to count! 

Was there notification of removal? If so, what was the reason given?       

Yes, there is usually notification that there has been a violation of community guidelines.        

Was there the opportunity to appeal? If so, did you appeal and what was the response?

Only recently, in the past few months has there been an appeal process but I’ve been denied every time.        

What, if any, were the consequences of the removal for you? 

The consequences have been not being able to post my work on Instagram or Facebook. Galleries and dealers are also not being able to post my work or risk having their accounts compromised. I wrote about my experience in a 2018 article in Hyperallergic in great detail. One of the most egregious times I was censored, a review of a solo show I had at Brandeis University was banned from the Facebook platform and I was kicked off the platform for four days.       


Being censored on social media has cost me in ways I don’t even think I can quantify. I no longer freely post my work anywhere.       

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Artist’s Instagram: @alesbiangaze