This initiative is the result of a global collaboration between organisations dedicated to ending the censorship of artistic expression.



NCAC’s mission is to promote freedom of thought, inquiry and expression and oppose censorship in all its forms. For over 45 years, as an alliance of more than 50 national non-profits, including literary, artistic, religious, educational, professional, labor, and civil liberties groups, NCAC has engaged in direct advocacy and education to support First Amendment principles. NCAC’s Arts Advocacy Program is the only US national program dedicated to working directly with artists, curators and arts institutions facing censorship threats.



ARTICLE 19 works for a world where all people everywhere can freely express themselves and actively engage in public life without fear of discrimination.

We do this by working on two interlocking freedoms which set the foundation for all our work:

  • The Freedom to Speak concerns everyone’s right to express and disseminate opinions, ideas and information through any means, as well as to disagree with, and question power-holders.
  • The Freedom to Know concerns the right to demand and receive information by power-holders for transparency, good governance and sustainable development.

ARTICLE19 launched Missing Voices campaign that is calling on social media platforms to become transparent and accountable about their content moderation practices.



Freemuse is an independent international organisation advocating for and defending freedom of artistic expression.

We believe that at the heart of violations of artistic freedom is the effort to silence opposing or less preferred views and values by those in power – politically, religiously or societally – mostly due to fear of their transformative effect. With this assumption, we can address root causes rather than just symptoms – if we hold violators accountable.

Our approach to artistic freedom is human rights-based as it provides an international legal framework and lays out the principles of accountability, equality and non-discrimination, and participation.



PEN America stands at the intersection of literature and human rights to protect free expression in the United States and worldwide. We champion the freedom to write, recognizing the power of the word to transform the world. Our mission is to unite writers and their allies to celebrate creative expression and defend the liberties that make it possible.

The Artists at Risk Connection (ARC) expands on PEN America’s work defending writers by safeguarding the right to artistic freedom of expression and ensuring that artists and cultural professionals everywhere can live and work without fear. ARC primarily achieves this by connecting persecuted artists to our growing global network of resources, facilitating cooperation among human rights and art organizations, and amplifying the stories and work of at-risk artists as well as raising visibility of the field of artistic freedom.


Artistic expression is under pressure from multiple sources – be it from the state, media and social media, special interest groups.

We have extensive experience of analysing, understanding and tackling the attack on artists and arts institutions.

Our skills cross a variety of disciplines, and we are very happy to work individually and with other members of our team, to provide support, information, and training.

We take a creative, dynamic and personal approach to keep the space for expression open to multiple and diverse voices.


As the largest active collection of contemporary, figurative, super-realistic art in the world, IBEX is frequently made aware by the artistic community of the devastating impact that censorship by social media organisations has on artist’s careers and business (especially when this censorship is imposed despite there being no breach of community guidelines). IBEX abhors almost all censorship, especially as it leads to artists self-censoring and the suppression of true artistic expression which is an invisible and insidious loss to society and is an active participant in supporting artists to deal with the consequences.