Name: Jeff Troy


Medium: Digital ARt

Censored By: Instagram

When were you censored?: December 11th, 2019

Was there notification of removal and, if so, what was the reason given?: Against community guidelines.I got the notification immediately, so it was taken down by the automated system

Was there the opportunity to appeal? If so, did you appeal and what was the response?: no opportunity was given for appeal, probably because it was my first post.

What, if any, were the consequences of the removal for you? Please give details.: This was to be my first post on Instagram.I believe my page was shadowbanned for a few weeks after this post was deleted – it definitely hurt my growth in the initial stages of my page.

Other Comments: I would have censored the artwork and reposted, except there is nothing showing to censor.This is the first artwork that I posted on social media, so to have it censored by the automated system was very disheartening.

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