Name: Master Kinkbaku Ming


Medium: Photography

Censored By: Instagram

When were you censored?: Mid-2018 and early 2019

Was there notification of removal and, if so, what was the reason given?: Against community guidelines

Was there the opportunity to appeal? If so, did you appeal and what was the response?: There was no way to even make inquiry, forget about appealing for reactivation. I search on their app and website, but couldn’t find anyway or anyone to contact. I even tried tech support for compromised account, but couldn’t get any response other than automatic generated reply.

What, if any, were the consequences of the removal for you? Please give details.: The sad thing is that there’s no viable alternative in terms of interface and reach, so if I want to maintain an online presence of my portfolio for broader audience, I have no choice but follow to Instagram’s rules

Other Comments: The first account may be too kinky for them, though every picture was censored, I either cropped it or blurred it, but that was not good enough for them.

So learning from that, I set up two new accounts, one for art/performance, and the other continues the bondage theme. Guess which one Instagram shut down? The art page. It was really puzzling as that page was all pictures from performances, such as the one I did in Guggenheim. This just shows that Instagram’s so called community standard is arbitrary, and possibly discriminatory, as there are many heterosexual rope bondage pages still up and running. You can almost conclude that Instagram regards men tied up as offensive, while women tied up are non-threatening.

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