Name: Andriy Yermolenko


Medium: World Cup protest posters

Censored By: Facebook

When were you censored?: 2019

Was there notification of removal and, if so, what was the reason given?: None

Was there the opportunity to appeal? If so, did you appeal and what was the response?: To get out of the ban helped friends who wrote complaints and who began to frantically post my censored works, and for this they were also banned!

What, if any, were the consequences of the removal for you? Please give details.: This of course affects my work, they stopped inviting me to exhibitions because they consider me toxic! I’m banned – so I’m doing something wrong, say gallery owners! Ukrainian law enforcement officers and lawyers are corrupt and simply afraid to contact corporations like Facebook or Instagram!

Other Comments: Jan 2018: A series of World Cup protest posters designed by Ukrainian artist Andriy Yermolenko got him banned from Facebook. The red and black themed posts take aim at Russia’s alleged crimes and human rights violations around the world. The posters also take a swipe at Russia’s dismal human rights record at home, including its holding of dozens of Ukrainian political prisoners.
During this year I was banned 8 times for posters dedicated to RUSSIA’s aggression against UKRAINE!
2019:His post of Hitler that was banned. “”Alternative Hitler”” is constantly censored by Facebook!
ps: And what is interesting, Facebook bans for Hitler, and not for Stalin, although they were equivalent criminals on their hands of the same blood!

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